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    Online Tabla Classes in India

    We are all stuck in our homes due to the pandemic and are spending maximum time sitting Idle. You can utilize this time by learning a massive skill like playing the Tabla. In 2022 learning how to play Tabla online will be the best and the smartest decision that you can ever take, as we all know it needs a lot of practice, patience, and dedication to be able to play the Tabla effectively. 

    Tabla is a set of 2 drums that are used to generate rhythmic beats with hands. It is one of the oldest existing instruments that was originated in the 18th century. It plays the role of a percussion instrument in Hindustani classical music. It is an essential instrument in any Indian instrumental ensemble. 


    Can you learn Tabla from home?

    The answer is YES. A massive number of people dream of playing the Tabla but most of them never succeed in finding a proper mentor who could teach them. That is exactly why we are here. We are glad to announce that we are launching our Online Tabla Classes.

    People from all over the world can now learn how to play the Tabla with ease. You should now stop worrying about your distance and time-related problems. Our online classes are designed at your convenience. Learn Tabla from our online classes and perform like a pro in all the live shows.

    How can you learn to play the Tabla ?

    To start your journey you must buy a Tabla at a reasonable price. After you have a Tabla, you can register for our Online Tabla Classes. Students will then be allotted a batch and a mentor.  Holding and handling techniques will be taught.

    Essential exercises related to the movement of fingers will also be given. Students will have to consistently practise the exercises given by the mentor. Once the students start capturing the hands and finger movements correctly, they will be upgraded to the next level. 

    They’ll be introduced to Hindustani classical music. Initially, simple bols and taals will be taught to play. Your strokes will be monitored by your mentor. In the process, students will develop an understanding of the compositions. They will learn to play difficult fast paced taals in the later stage of the course. They’ll also be educated about the history of the Tabla and great Tabla players.

    Monthly practical assessments will be conducted to test the growth of the students. The final written and practical exam will be conducted after completion of the course which includes all the aspects that a good Tabla player needs to know. 

    About our Tabla Class mentors:

    All the mentors that are associated with our Online Tabla Classes have expertise in playing the flute. All of them possess a minimum experience of 20 years. They’re dedicated to sharing an ocean of knowledge and skills with the students. They understand the psychology of students and give utmost comfort to the students. Our team is lead by our Guru Ji, who is teaching from the last 40 years. 

    What is expected from the students? 

    Students are expected to be determined and focused. They should practice the exercises and tasks given by the mentor dedicatedly. Patience is the key as it takes a bit of time to learn the skill of playing the Tabla. We also expect the students to be vocal about their doubts and difficulties and not hold them inside. 

    Points to be noted for Online Tabla Classes:

    Online classes for the course will be scheduled as per your timetable. The batch size will be 2-3 so that everyone gets equal attention. Personal sessions will also be taken. You will get constant guidance for your practice routine.

    The written material will be provided to all the students. All your queries will be solved instantly during the class and also after the class. Our Online Tabla Classes are for everyone as we don’t want age to come in your way. Therefore there is no age restriction.

    Students will get their results and certificate after completion of the course via mail. Grades are given based on performance. 

    Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and enroll yourself now! 

    What are the benefits of playing Tabla? 

    Once you start learning Tabla, your concentration power gradually increases. Due to which you also start excelling academically or socially. Playing the Tabla needs a lot of alertness, hence, it puts a positive effect on your mind. Your hands, fingers, eyes, memory, and mind have to come together while you play the Tabla. This process enhances your synchronism. It is also useful for relieving stress. Lastly, Tabla players develop a great sense of rhythm.



    Can I learn tabla online ?

    Yes, Table can be learnt online with our online tabla classes.

    How can I learn tabla at home?

    We would recommend you to learn tabla at home under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Call us on +91 6264 319 604 to know more.

    Is learning tabla difficult?

    We would say it requires a lot of dedication, consistency and hard work. You will need months of dedication to learn and master it.

    How to enrol in online tabla classes ?

    Call us on +91 6264 319 604 to know more.

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