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Best Music Classes for Guitar in Bangalore

Guitar is the most versatile instrument which can easily and effectively combine the three aspects of music i.e. melody, harmony and rhythm. Since last 5 decades, guitar has been used to grasp the imagination of popular culture and music. Guitar has ability to express almost every style of music whether it would be soft romantic ballad or a dark, angst driven metal riff. Hence, Guitar is the most vital component in almost all forms of contemporary music. We provide the Best Guitar Learning at our Music Classes.

Facilities Provided By Online Guitar Classes

If you want to play guitar, then you not only should possess knowledge of songs and tunes, but also you should have technical knowledge of how guitar works. At our guitar classes in Bangalore, the Professionals teach students about the tunes and technical aspects of Guitar.

To develop good command over the Guitar skills, the student should first work on the foundation of Guitar, Tunes and Music. With that, he/she can play any music without mugging up the chords. Also, one should make sure to take part in fresh batch rather than anytime entry or exit type of batch. If a student wishes to learn Guitar as a hobby, it is sufficient to take beginner’s course in Guitar but if a student wants to make career in guitar, he/she should go with Intermediate and Advanced Courses in Guitar as well.

After the Guitar Course is completed, the students should participate in Concerts organized in their city or nearby cities where students get opportunity to showcase their talent and understanding of the Guitar. Also, the concerts help students in developing a portfolio which help them in making a better start of their career.

Features of Our Guitar Course ( Online & Offline )

Guitar courses are divided into three parts –

  1. Beginner’s Course
  2. Intermediate Course
  3. Advanced Course

In the Beginner’s Guitar Course, students will be told about the basics of Guitar & would be taught how to play various scales & chords. They will also be given basic info about various genres of music like Folk, Country, Western, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Rock, Metal, Indian Carnatic styles, Finger style, etc. In Intermediate and Advanced Guitar Courses, students have to pick a particular genre in which they are interested or in which genre they can do well and have to work on that genre.

At the end of each month, a periodic test would be conducted for students to check their learning and improvement in their art. Periodic tests are mainly focused on students’ self assessment. Students can check where they are lagging behind and what can they do to improve it. It will also help students to find with which genre they can do well and would be suggested to go with that genre.

Efforts would be made to ensure that each student is provided individual attention to find the students’ inclination towards the genre and to help a student with that genre. Students will be taught according to their musical inclination i.e. in which field they can do well or which genre they love to play.

Expert faculties, having many years of experience with the Guitar, will be provided to the students, so that the students may get better experience and learning of the course. Entire course would be tailored in such a way that students are satisfied with the lessons taught in the course.

We provide online guitar classes through out India and outside India.




Q. How much do guitar lessons usually cost ?

A. Monthly charges normally costs in the range of Rs 3000 to Rs 5000.

Q. Can I learn guitar in 2 months ?

A. At-least you would have started and reached somewhere in 2 month. You can play some tunes in 2 months.

Q. Can I learn guitar in 3 months ?

A. At-least you would have started and reached somewhere in 2 month. You can play some tunes in 2 months.

Q. How much does it cost to learn guitar in India ?

A. Normally the charges are there in the range of Rs 3000 to Rs 5000.

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