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Guitar is one of the most widespread instrument in the world. From the west to the east it made its place everywhere. The body of guitar is usually made from wood and the strings are made from nylon. Guitar fits into any genre as it is very dynamic and produces amazing harmonies. The guitar originated in Spain in the 16th century. It is a fretted instrument with six strings. You can play it using both your hands. There are various types of guitars.

In acoustic guitar,  the hollow body works as a resonating chamber. There are three types of acoustic guitars – The steel string guitar, the classical guitar and the jazz guitar. The electric guitar is used in all the stage performances. It came into existence around the 1930s. Electric guitars contributed to the growth of rock music. The sound is amplified by an amplifier and a loudspeaker and the sound reaches to a large distance.

Guitar came to India from the west. There were foreign performances in which guitar was used and India gradually adopted it. From 1930s guitar was widely used in films. Now we see the use of guitar in most of the Bollywood songs and independent music albums.

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Learning how to play a guitar can be the best decision ever as you can literally play and sing any song with it. From Hollywood to Bollywood, classical to western, guitar has been incorporated everywhere. Therefore we are starting our online Guitar Classes only for you. We know you’ve always wanted to learn guitar, play it smoothly in front of your companions and get all the attention. So, we are here to help you create your long lasting impression and impress people with your guitar playing skills.


About Our Online Guitar Classes

The online Guitar learning course has been specially designed keeping your convenience in mind. Became a pro level guitar player with our step wise Guitar learning curriculum.

In the first step, you will learn all the technicalities of the guitar. This will help you get a better understanding of the instrument. After which you will be able to grasp the playing part quite easily. You will be introduced to chords and the variations. Your mentor will give you few exercises to practise. The exercises will sharpen your skills. The skills include – fretting, finger picking, strumming, chord transitioning and picking.

After you are well versed with the exercises all the above mentioned skills will be taught individually in a step wise manner. Your ears will be trained to recognise and identify the chords as listening is very much needed for playing. In the beginning your fingers will find it difficult but as the training proceeds further you will gradually get a hold of it. Right style of practice plays an important role in development.

Therefore, your practice style will be monitored by your mentor. This is the perfect course for all the beginners and anyone who is interested in learning the instrument from scratch. Easily playable songs will be taught to you, the level will definitely increase in the due course of time.

In the Second step, how to apply the music theory will be taught. You will learn about the functions of progressing chords. You will know how to interpret chord movements. As your ears will be trained enough by now you will get the knowledge and power of choosing which scale to play immediately.

You will get the in depth knowledge of the functions and sounding of scales. Basic difference between chord scale, key centre and tone approaches will be taught. You will be able to visualise the whole neck in a specific key. Your mentor will teach you how to play diatonic and non diatonic scales anywhere on the neck. Till this stage you will easily be able to analyse and solve advanced chord functions.

You will develop a good understanding of the CAGED system. You will also develop your voice on the guitar and also learn how to improvise. The whole process will develop your skills and abilities but practising is an important factor. After you master the acoustic guitar you can go for the electric guitar.

After you finish the entire course you will become capable of grasping and playing any song on your own just after listening to it. Your ears and hands will automatically coordinate with each other which will be a result of your constant practice.

The online electric guitar learning course will teach you how to easily read tabs. You will start playing lovely riffs. Your mentor will help you master the fret-board. Playing backing tracks will be taught to you. You will learn the implementation of the penatonic scale. You will master the power chords till the end of the course.

As your senses develop you will also be able to create your own harmonies. Your mentor will constantly give you important feedbacks which will help you in improving. You will gradually become flawless in your techniques. Join this course as a beginner and end it as an expert guitarist.


Important Points About Our Online Guitar Classes

All the mentors of our institution are experienced and are in this field for more than 20 years. Your batch size will vary from 3-4. Personal one to one sessions will also be conducted. All your doubts will be answered during the class itself. In case you get a doubt while practising, you can instantly put a message asking your doubt which will be answered instantly.

Age is just a number. Hence, our online classes are available for all age groups. You will get a completion certificate after you successfully finish the course. Throughout the course you will learn the theory and get an eBook which will contain all the information.

Your video lectures will be scheduled as per your convenience. People from all over the world can join the course. You also get the flexibility to choose the language of learning. We have English and Hindi speaking mentors.

Don’t wait and enrol yourself for our online guitar course now!

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