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    Hindustani classical music is the oldest form of Indian classical music. It came into existence from the 12th century. It is mainly practiced in North India. Hindustani music gives more attention to the possibilities of improvisation. It evolved with mixture of elements including the Vedic philosophy, the Hindu tradition, the Persian tradition and the Arabic tradition. There are various Gharanas that immensely contributed to the evolution of Hindustani music. The knowledge is transferred by following a Guru-Shishya Parampara. The Shishya had to satisfy and stand tall to the expectations of his guru to consume the knowledge. Although now the knowledge is transferred in a step wise manner.

    Tanpura and Harmonium are the two main instruments that are used while singing or practising. Along with these, Tabla, Sitar, Sarangi and Flute are also used. There are ten styles of singing in Hindustani music and it follows the octave of natural notes(Shudha swaras).


    Our Online Hindustani Music Classes Availability:

    In order to learn Hindustani music, you will have to find a ‘GURU’. In this fast paced world finding a guru is very difficult. Considering your difficulties, we are happy to announce that we are starting our online Hindustani Music Classes to put an end to all your worries. We are ready to bring your guru at your doorstep.


    About Hindustani Music Classes Course 

    The very first thing your guru will identify is your scale. The scale in which you have to riaz regularly. After identifying your scale, Sargam will be introduced to you(Shudha swaras). In the primary stage your guru will sing along with you to correct your sur, once you get an idea about correct sur you can do the riaz independently. Tanpura is the perfect instrument to do your riaz.

    You don’t have to worry about buying a Tanpura as there are Tanpura apps which can be used on your phone. Paltas with variation will be taught and given for practise. This will enhance your vocal abilities. You will learn how to sing from the stomach and not your voice. If you strain and sing with your voice, your vocal chords will be automatically get damaged after a point of time. Therefore singing from the stomach is preferred which you will eventually do under the guidance of your guru.

    In order to be a good singer you have to be a good listener. Therefore, after the paltas your ears will be trained. Your guru will sing any note and you will have to identify which one it is. The training will continue throughout as it takes time to master this skill. Breathing techniques will be taught simultaneously. Taal and  laya comes in the next step. Teen taal, Jhap taal and many such taalas will be taught. After you know these taalas, rhythm bound paltas will be given to you. After you master this step you will become rhythmically excellent.

    As you become capable of singing in taal and laya, Ragas will be taught to you. At first the details of the raga will be given. That, vadi and samvadi swara, time of singing are some of the major details that you will have to remember for every raga. Plenty of Ragas will be taught to you as it will increase your vocal abilities and understanding towards music in all aspects.

    As mentioned earlier, there are ten styles of Hindustani music. You will get to learn some of the major styles. Dhrupad, Khayal, Tappa, Thumri, Ghazal, Tarana are few to name. Slowly and steadily you will learn all the styles. All these styles are difficult as you have to be accurate in tala, sur, bol, Breathing, and bhaav. Managing all at once while making it look effortless is a high mountain to climb. You can only reach the top with constant practising.

    As we all know behind every effortless performance there’s humongous efforts. Your guru will help you in this and keep you motivated. In these styles you will be asked to make your own set of alankaars and taans. This will help you develop your inner Composer. The process might seem a bit tedious in the beginning but will become a cake walk for you by the end. Your improvisation skills will gradually enhance which is the main factor of Hindustani music.

    In the theory, you will learn about the origin and technicalities of the instruments used in Hindustani music. You will get an insight about the evolution of Hindustani music and know about different Gharanas, their origin and their contribution. Different thats and signs used while writing will be taught. You will get to know about excellent artists who took Hindustani music forward tremendously. They will truly inspire you and constantly push your boundaries. Old compositions are also included in the theory. The theory will transform you into a knowledgeable musician.

    A good singer is expected to sing in all the three octaves(lower, middle and higher). You can develop this range only by consistent riaz. Over the time you’ll master the skill by following your guru’s advice. After you master all the styles and pass all the tests, you will receive the certificate of completion.

    Important Points About Hindustani Music Classes:

    All the gurus in our institution are preaching music for more than 20 years. Therefore, all the knowledge you gain will be authentic. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have any prior knowledge about music as the course is designed keeping that in mind.

    Age is just a number. Hence, people of all age groups can avail our online course and learn Hindustani music. Your schedule will be set as per your convenience. The batch will consist of 3 students. Personal sessions will be conducted. Your improvement will be tracked. If you get any doubt, you can ask them during the class itself. You can also message your doubts as your guru will solve them instantly.

    When a student meets a guru, music happens. what are you waiting for then? Enroll yourself for the online Hindustani Music course now!

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