Best Guitar Brands in India 

Best Guitar Brands in India 


Guitarists are admired by everyone. They simply steal the show. If you want to flaunt your skills with a guitar then you must buy a guitar that will give you the desired outcome. We all know how choosing the correct brand for your Guitar appears to be a tough and confusing job as there are plenty of brands in the market which Claim to give the best experience but fail in keeping up with their commitment. In this article you will come across the best brands which you can totally trust when you plan to buy a guitar. All the brands mentioned below have been present in the market for quite a long time and have satisfied people with their guitars. 


Fender Squier

Fender Squier is the oldest existing brand that has been manufacturing musical instruments since ages which makes it the largest guitar manufacturing brand in the world. The brand always aims to bring innovative advancements in their musical instruments. They are known all over India and in different countries for their phenomenal range of guitars. They have  manufactured an exceptional range of stylish electric guitars.

Fender Squier guitars are widely used in rock concerts, live shows and by band ensembles because of the magnificent sound quality that it generates. The body of the guitars are made of high quality material that facilitates better resonance of sound. The cost of the Fender Squier guitars are slightly towards the upper edge but is totally worth it. The guitars survive for an extensive number of years and serve brilliance. All online platforms sell guitars of this brand. You can also grab your favourite Fender Squier guitar from stores near you. The guitars come with a satisfactory warranty period.



Yamaha is one of the oldest and the most popular brands when it comes to guitars. They have gained the trust of people with their wide range of guitars that deliver brilliant performance. They have manufactured some of the best Acoustic Guitars. They are made with high quality wood material and strong strings. The sound and built quality are marvellous. The range of electric guitars is very versatile and efficient. They have a high durability.

All the guitars go through a critical testing process before making it to the market. The guitars of this brand are suitable for beginners as well as professionals. The price range starts from a minimal range. Customers have been satisfied with the experience they had with Yamaha Guitars. Sufficient warranty period is provided by the brand. They are available on all online platforms and nearby stores. Choosing Yamaha for yourself can never be a wrong decision. 



Cort is a south Korean based guitar manufacturing company. It came into existence in 1973. The brand comes under the list of companies that makes the largest number of guitars in the world. They have achieved popularity from different parts of the world for their unique guitars and excellent services.

Their range of Acoustic Guitars always stays in the demand of the public as they give marvellous performance. The guitars are made from high quality material which makes them highly durable. Cort is the favourite brand of professionals as it meets all their expectations smoothly. The guitars have a very classy and decent look. The electric guitars have also won the hearts of people. Before bringing the guitars in the market, Cort conducts a series of tests to verify the quality and performance of the guitars. You can check out different models of guitar from the brand on all online platforms and nearby stores and grab the best for yourself. 



Epiphone is an American based brand manufacturing musical instruments from the year 1873. Epiphone guitars are used by people from different parts of the world. Epiphone never fails to surprise the customers with their finely built guitars delivering excellent performance and helpful services. The guitars are very stylish and look beautiful in the hands of the player.

The built and sound quality is magnificent. The strings are strong and well spaced which helps your fingers glide over it easily. They have manufactured remarkable acoustic guitars. The range of electric guitars is very versatile and can be the heart of every concert. One gets a suitable warranty period on buying the guitars. The price of Epiphone guitars starts from a higher rate which is totally justifiable. To take a look on different models of guitar from the brand you must visit their official website or visit the nearest store and choose the right guitar for you. 



Kadence is a home-grown brand which came into existence from 2010. It has gained massive popularity for manufacturing and delivering high quality musical instruments at reasonable rates. They have put in a great wave of thoughts and efforts in all their guitars. In the span of 10 years, they have successfully made a remarkable presence in the market. Kadence has developed a wide range of guitars for beginners. The guitars are light in weight and well built. They are easy to handle. They also manufacture advanced and professional ranges of guitars that give outstanding performance. The built and sound quality is commendable. The material of the guitar helps in generating a greater resonance and hence a brilliant sound quality. Customers have given positive feedback for all the guitars of this brand. Most of the guitars of Kadence come in the list of best-selling guitars. You can buy any Kadence guitar from all online platforms and nearby stores. 


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