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Best Online Keyboard Classes in India


Learning how to play a Keyboard Online in India will be the best and the smartest decision that you can ever take. As we all know Keyboard serves multiple purposes. Electronic keyboards have the ability to recreate variety of other instrumental sounds.

Therefore you can use your keyboard to create the sound of a piano, a violin, a pipe organ and many such instruments. The keys are very light in weight so your fingers will glide over it pretty smoothly. All the keyboards have a music stand attached with them so you can keep your chart and never forget the keys or lyrics.

You can also record your track and store it, as electronic keyboards have flash memory. Keyboards also have internal audio power amplifier that connects to the sound generator clip which then connects to the speaker and creates amazing sound. To produce chords and rhythms by MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) there is a software program in keyboards.

Once you master playing the keyboard completely, you can easily play the piano confidently. Piano is the most romantic instrument. Playing the piano calms your mind and is very good for your mental health. As both your hands are required at the same time, it sharpens your concentration skills. You can sing almost any and every song while playing the piano.

Therefore, learning a piano online is beneficial from every aspect.


Can you Learn Keyboard Online from Home?

Well, the answer is YES. You can learn keyboard / piano online from Home in India. Huge number of people dream of playing a Keyboard or a Piano but it never comes true as most of them never find a proper mentor who could teach them.

That is exactly why we are here. We are happy to announce that we are starting our Online Keyboard Classes in India. People from all over the world can now learn keyboard and piano online effortlessly.

You can now stop worrying about your distance and time issues. Our online classes are designed as per your convenience. Learn keyboard and piano from our online classes and rock all the concerts!

We teach Keyboard / Piano to students all over the world.


How We Take Online Keyboard Piano Classes for Kids & Adults 

If you are a beginner then you should start learning a Keyboard first. This course is designed in such a way that you will be able to learn everything from scratch. Your mentor will give you hand exercises that you will have to practice in order to
train your fingers.

You will be introduced to basic chords and notes. After which your ears will be trained in a way that you can identify any chord or note that you hear.

This will help you recognize the chords of any song. The ear training sounds simple but it does take time hence your mentor will constantly monitor your listening and identifying skills. Throughout the process you will be given unknown songs of any language and you will have to identify the chords. After undergoing the whole training you will become a pro at this. The next step is rhythm.

Easy rhythm patterns will be taught to you. Then, you will learn the functioning of a Keyboard, the purpose of every button on your keyboard. In the theory you will learn about the software and technical aspects that will give you a better understanding of the instrument. You will be taught small harmonies at first to play and later the complex ones.

All of the above will be taught to you in a step wise manner. After you get comfortable with all the factors you will learn composing. Tasks will be given to you which you’ll have to submit on time. Tasks such as – compose a simple harmony with major and minor chords using a uplifting rhythm.

All the tasks will force you to think creatively and broaden your mind. This will bring out the composer in you. Your mentor will give you tips and suggestions after you complete every task so that you can improve more in the next. At the end of the course you will become a smart keyboard player, good listener and budding composer. Also, after learning the keyboard you can join the online classes for Piano and learn it easily.

How to Play a Piano Online :

Your mentor will give you hand exercises as you need to use both your hands simultaneously while playing the piano. As it requires lot of concentration, some exercises related to concentration will be taught to you. All the exercises are for regular practice purpose.

This will help you to increase your control over both the hands and concentration power. If you are a beginner, chords and notes will be taught. If you’ve already finished the keyboard online course, 0then songs will be given to you. In the beginning you will get songs that require less multi-tasking.

Slowly and gradually the levels of songs will increase. As the difficulty of songs increases, you will be given few memorizing techniques that will help you forever. Your mentor won’t move to the next song until you ace the previous one.

Your sitting and standing position will also be monitored. After you master plenty of complex songs, tasks will be given to you. The tasks will include playing difficult songs in one go and composing assignments.

Special tips and suggestions will be given throughout the course that will help you in the present as well as future.

In the theory you will learn about the history and evolution of the piano, also the physical aspects of it. The whole process will move in a step wise manner.

Once you complete the course you will become an excellent pianist.

Points to be noted:

Online classes for both the courses will be scheduled as per your timetable. The batch size will be 1 to 2 so that everyone gets equal attention. Personal sessions are also taken. You will get constant guidance for your practice routine.

All your doubts will be solved instantly during the class and also after the class. Our Online Keyboard / Piano Classes is for everyone and we don’t want age to come in your way therefore there is no age restriction.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and enrol yourself now!

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