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Best Online Flute Classes in India


The flute is a musical instrument that falls in the woodwind group. Sound is solely produced through the flow of air coming out from an opening. Hence one needs to have great control over breathing while playing the flute. Finger movements and concentration also play a huge role in effectively playing the flute. It is one of the oldest existing instruments that is widely used in bands and different forms of music till date.


Benefits of playing the flute?

Playing the flute brings a lot of benefits to your mind and soul. It increases your body coordination as playing flute needs alertness towards the flow of breathing, hand gestures, eyes, and mind. You also develop self-confidence. It calms your soul, mind and relieves stress. Playing the flute also Strengthens your core muscles. People who play flute also understand the role of discipline and become more organized in life. It also enlightens your mood.


Can you learn Flute / Bansuri from home?

Well, the answer is YES. A huge number of people dream of playing the flute but most of them never find a proper mentor who could teach them. That is exactly why we have arrived. We are happy to announce that we are starting our Online Bansuri Classes. People from all over the world can now learn how to play the flute effortlessly. You can now stop worrying about your distance and time issues. Our online classes are designed at your convenience. Learn Bansuri from our online classes and perform like an expert.


How can you learn to play the flute?

To start your journey you must buy a flute of beginners level that will have a reasonable price. After you have a flute you can register for the Online Bansuri Classes. Students will then be allotted a batch and a mentor. Various breathing exercises and whistling techniques will be taught in the beginning.

Students will have to consistently practise the exercises given by the mentor. Holding and handling techniques will then be taught. Essential exercises related to the movement of fingers will also be given. Once the students start capturing the breathing, holding, and finger movements correctly, they will be upgraded to the next level. They’ll also be educated about the history of the flute and great flute players.

The notes of a flute range to three octaves. Mentors will guide the students to get a hold of all the notes from each octave in a stepwise manner. Weekly practical tests will be conducted to ensure how much the students have grasped. In the meantime, mentors will teach various Ragas to the students.

After students become fluent with the octaves and ragas, they will be taught songs of different genres. To enhance the creativity of the students, mentors also teach and ask students to compose musical pieces. They give valuable advice and suggestions which helps the students to grow.


About the mentors:

All the mentors that are associated with our Online Flute Classes | Online Bansuri Classes have expertise in playing the flute. All of them possess a minimum experience of 15 years. They’re dedicated to sharing an ocean of knowledge and skills with the students. They understand the psychology of students and give utmost comfort to the students.


What is expected from the students?

Students are expected to be determined and focused. They should practice the exercises and tasks given by the mentor dedicatedly. We also expect the students to be vocal about their doubts and difficulties and not hold them inside.


Points to be noted for Online Flute Classes:

Online classes for the course will be scheduled as per your timetable. The batch size will be 2-3 so that everyone gets equal attention. Personal sessions will also be taken. You will get constant guidance for your practice routine. The written matter will be provided to all the students. All your doubts will be solved instantly during the class and also after the class. Our Online Bansuri Classes are for everyone as we don’t want age to come in your way. Therefore there is no age restriction.

At the end of the course, a practical exam will be conducted. Students will be graded based on their performance and get their results and certificates via email.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and enroll yourself now!