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Carnatic music, also known as Karnataka music is one of the oldest forms of classical music. It is prevalent in southern India. It came in to existence during the 15th and 16th century. The golden era of Carnatic music was the 17th century as many valuable milestones were achieved. Important additions to the theoretical aspect called as ‘Lakshana’ and practical aspect called as ‘Lakshya’ were made during this period. Syama Sastri, Tyagaraja and Muthuswami Dikshitar celebrated as the Musical trinity gave tremendous contribution to Carnatic music by the end of the 19th century.

Carnatic music mainly focuses on vocal music. Gayaki is the most important factor of Carnatic music. The instruments are also played to perform in gayaki. The core of Carnatic music is ‘Kriti’. There are five levels which one has to learn to be able to adapt Carnatic music completely. Any individual who has achieved all the five levels can deal with any kind of complexity in music easily.

Online Carnatic Music Classes Availability:

Our Music school aims to provide in depth knowledge of Carnatic music. We know you’ve always wanted an authentic Institute near you from where you can learn Carnatic music, get proper guidance and turn into a music expert. Hence, Breaking the good news to all the music enthusiasts.

Our Music school is all set to start the online Carnatic music classes so that distance never comes in your way. Now you can learn Carnatic music from trained experienced mentors, get personal sessions, know the proper way to do your Sadhana and a lot more just sitting at


How to Learn Carnatic Music Online:

• The first step to learn Carnatic music is to gain the understanding of Shruthi (pitch) followed by positioning of notes and identifying them.

You will get to learn the Saralivarisais(swara pattern) and Ragas. Also, Aakar and Swara exercises that will enhance your vocal abilities. After achieving the above mentioned goals you will be able to sing Nottu Swarams(songs) of short length. After which you will get to know Janta varisai, upper Stayi varisai and Dattu varisai(Alternate note patterns). You will then be introduced to Geetam which will help you to understand and sing simple compositions. Once you master in Geetam, learning Varnam in the second level will become very easy. You will learn all of the above in the First level of our online classes and also get familiar with Carnatic music related terms.

• In the Second level you will learn Varnam. It includes swara passages, Pallavi, Anupallavi, Charanam, Chitta swaras and Muktaayi Swaras. As Varnam is more complex it will be taught to you in a step wise manner. All the elements of Varnam will be explained briefly. After you become well versed with the elements of Varnam, you will learn Adi tala Varnam, Atatala Varnam and Pada Varnam. After learning Varnam, you will learn about Kriti and will be to sing few small Kritis.

• You will get to explore everything about Kriti in the Third level. From here the level of Kriti will increase tremendously. Panchatantra Kritis, Navavarna Kritis, Navagraha Kritis and Pancha linga Kritis are the few Kritis that you will learn in this level. After learning the Kritis you will learn Shyama Shasthri Swarajathis. It will help you to grasp swaras and thalam(rhythm control) at the same time.

• In the Fourth level you will learn more about the Ragas. You will get knowledge of all aspects of Carnatic music through the theory. For this level you will have to work harder as it includes a lot of concepts and variations. Viruthams, Thillana, Padams, Bhajans, Abhangs, Javali and Asthapathis are some concepts that you will be able to sing after the Fourth level. Each and every part will be taught with equal importance and huge amount of time will be spent to teach the concepts clearly. Your mentor will not move to the next part until you know the current part thoroughly.

• Everything that you’ve learned till now will help you ace the Fifth level. In this level you will learn more complex Varnams, Kritis and various compositions. By the end of this level you will turn into an individual who knows everything about Carnatic music, Can be creative and make compositions and sing any complex song without difficulties. Throughout the five levels your Sadhana will be monitored by your mentor.

Techniques will be taught to overcome vocal difficulties. Our Music school will keep a track of your growth percentage and will help you out when you seem to lag behind. All your doubts and difficulties will be solved in a special doubt clearing session. Apart from that you can mail or message your queries anytime as they will be answered instantly.

This is how you can learn Carnatic music conveniently and become an expert.

About Us:

Our Music school has been teaching students for over a decade and now have decided to start the online classes for people from all over the world. We believe that age is just a number. Therefore, people of any age group can enroll for the course. The online sessions will be conducted twice a week for 1 hour. There will be a batch of three students per class after which personal sessions will also be conducted.

After you finish the whole course and clear all the tests and the final exam you will receive the certificate of completion and your grade sheet.

So don’t wait for too long and enrol yourself for the course right now!

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