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Music is a form of expression. Melodies can make you happy, sad, angry, excited at the same time. Some songs heal you from within and you dance your heart out with some songs. If you want to take people to various emotional or joyous journeys through your voice then you are at the right place.

Many people think that singing is a talent. Well, this is a myth. Singing is a skill that anyone can develop with dedication and consistent practise. With proper voice training and applying the correct techniques you can become a good singer.

All of us are busy with our lives and find no time to commute somewhere to learn a skill that we really want to master. To save your time and load we are introducing our online Singing Classes. To be a good singer you need a dedicated guru and most of the times you fail to find a proper guru. To put an full stop to your search we have a lot of great gurus who will guide you to successful singing online.

Our proper mentoring and your constant efforts will turn you to an amazing singer.

We are bringing to you courses of Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music and Light music.
You can choose to learn any course as per your choice and goals. We know people want to achieve different goals through singing. Some might want to make a career as a playback singer, some might want to learn singing in order to spread the knowledge and become a teacher and some might want to learn singing just as a hobby and have fun. Therefore, you can learn the skill according to your goal by telling us what you really want and we will run in your direction.


How to Master the Skill- Singing With Our Online Singing Classes

Be it any course, the very first step will be scale identification. Your mentor will identify your voice scale and you will have to do your practise in the same scale forever. The ideal goal for any singer is to achieve all the three octaves but that takes years or determination and practise.

The second most important factor is listening. You need to listen to different kinds of songs to understand variation. In order to understand variation your ears need to be trained. So, In the Second step your ears will be trained. You will be taught how to recognize all the notes without any reference. Unknown songs will be played and you will have to state all the notes used in that particular song. This might sound stressful but this training will help you in the longer run. Identification isn’t magical. It takes lot of efforts to guess the right notes. This will happen with constant trying

In the mean time you will be given various paltas (combination of various notes following a pattern) for practising. Regular practise of paltas will improve your singing and identification power both. You will have to practise the paltas in different rhythms, From slow to fast. Correct way to breathe while singing and how to breathe when lines are long will be taught. Because, correct breathing is the stepping stone towards good singing.

You will have to follow and practise the above mentioned basics regularly, as they are the fundamentals of singing. Your mentors will keep a track of your routine so you don’t go out of focus or feel demotivated as this might seem tedious in the beginning.


Light Music Course:

After teaching you all the basics, your mentor will teach you few songs with the notations. You will have to grasp and perform the songs individually after learning. These songs will be simple. After which few more songs will be taught to you whose notations won’t be given. Your task will include identifying the correct notes and capturing the song. Once you master in this, complex songs will be taught to you. Your mentor will teach you expressions, how to portray emotions in any song and make the song alive. Necessary gamakas, murkis and essential techniques will be taught to you. When you finish the course you will become capable of singing any song instantly. Your practise doesn’t stop after finishing the course, it has to go on forever.


Hindustani classical music:

It is the oldest form of Indian classical music. Therefore, is a river of knowledge to learn and grasp. After the basics are clear, Ragas will be taught to you. As there are plenty of Ragas, you will have to work hard to capture all of them. Your mentor will definitely help you to do so. You will come to know about thats. Taala will be introduced to you. You will have to learn the bol of every taal. Thumri, khayal, ghazal and few bhajans will be taught to you. The names may sound easy but it takes a lot to master in each one of them. Regular Riaz(practise) is essential. You can’t expect to excel in Hindustani classical music and sing flawlessly without practising daily. After you achieve perfection in Hindustani classical music you can literally sing any complex song without any hesitation.


Carnatic Music :

Gayaki is the primary concern in Carnatic music. The instruments are also played to perform in gayaki. The understanding of Shruthi will be taught to you in the beginning. After which various Saralivarisais will be given for sadhana. Different Ragas will be taught. This will strengthen your vocal abilities. You will sing short Nottu Swarams. Varnam and Kriti will be introduced in the later stage. You will get an in depth knowledge of all the concepts and learn everything briefly. After you become capable of singing Varnam, Geetam, Kriti the complexity level will increase as more complex compositions will be given to you. With all this and regular Sadhana you can become a versatile singer.

All the courses are designed in a step wise manner so that students don’t feel stressed. People from all over the world can enroll in our Online Singing Classes. There are no age restrictions. You will get a completion certificate after finishing the course. All your doubts will be answered instantly. The lectures will be scheduled as per your convenience.
So choose your favourite course and enroll for it right now!

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